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Adipo Contour Program
A comprehensive pain-free, safe and effective weight loss and localized firming program. Innovative “deep heating” effect helps to dissolve fat cell mass and reduce cellulite through removal from urine waste and sweat.  

Advanced Cellulite and Toning Treatment
The latest in advance radiofrequency and endermologie for cellulite reduction.  

Weight Management Program
Ultimate combo for a comprehensive and non-invasive slimming program with the latest proven technology. For optimal results, personal nutrition counseling, products and maintenance treatments between session are included.  

Meridian Slimming And Body Toning Program
A relaxing program that allow you to lose weight in a NATURAL and SAFE way. Combining topical chinese herb and Meridian massage, the program helps burn your body fat and stimulate acupoints to improve body detoxification, strengthen internal organs and ultimately manage your appetite to prevent weight rebounce.


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